Verse 1
It was midnight when I realized
As I wandered through the darkest night
Confusion clouds confusion clouds my eyes
Leaving me with no sight

So I went south down the desert road
Wishing that they were streets of gold
But I know my time is near
But for now my time is here 

Verse 2 
When I think of all the wrong I’ve done
I’m reminded of the one true Son
Who saves us all no matter how we fall
It’s grace alone that makes us stand tall 


Verse 1
Awake O You sleeper and rise from the dead
Remember all of the words that Jesus said
If you keep all your darkness inside
How will you ever shine your light

Verse 2
Death O your sting it has been overcome
I have the victory that my Savior won
And when the enemy reminds me of all I’ve done
The cross of Christ stands tall
I know my chains are gone

In You alone I have the victory
In You alone I am set free 

 I will praise You and Your love forever
You have overcome the grave
I praise Your name forever
You have won the battle
I stand victorious in You
You alone 


Verse 1
Wish I could climb over this mountain
But this mountain is too high for me

Give me wings like an eagle
Be the wind under me
Give me strength like a lion
O Lord come and set me free 

Verse 2
Wish I could swim through this ocean
But this ocean is too wide for me 


Verse 1
When the winter winds blow by
And the darkness fills the skies
Out of my darkest days
Your grace springs new life
Lord in You I’m alive 

Verse 2
When the darkness covers me
And the Fall is all I see
I’m reminded of Your blood that shed for me
Lord in You I am free 

So breath on me O breath of God
Shine Your light over me
You give me grace
As You guide and You sustain
Lord I praise Your holy name 

Verse 3
As I stand in the summer breeze
Your warmth helps my troubless seize
You restore my bone so I can serve You dear
Lord of love You are near 

Verse 4
Spring times around the bend
I’m filled so I can be sent
Into the dark seasons
Where Christ and I first met
Sovereign Lord guide my steps 


Verse 1
I hear them singing right over me
Through the silence of the night
Listen in as the angels
Sing melodies of life
There’s singing…

“Hallelujah hallelujah” 
Join in the angel’s song
“Hallelujah hallelujah” 


Verse 1
My heart is longing to praise You
My soul is earnestly seeking Thee
My mind is anxiously searching
And my spirit is being filled with peace
So I sing 

Savior no matter where I go You lead me
When I fix my eyes upon Thee
Shine Your light and go before me
Savior no matter how I feel You hear me
When I'm dry and when I'm empty  
Pour Your spirit overwhelm me 

Verse 2
In my life I’m constantly failing
But Your grace and mercy hovers me
Your Son Jesus Christ saved me
From my sin and shame and death
That keeps chasing me
So I sing 

Verse 3
Dear friends let our song keep ascending
Let us glorify His name through song and prayer
Our pain may seem unending
But soon with Him we shall forever be
So I'll sing


Verse 1 
Another year has passed me by
Speeding through and I’ve enjoyed the ride
Now my one desire is to be like You 

Verse 2
When I think of how I run
Towards Your light my chains have come undone
And after I walk through the fire
I’ll be more like You 

Don’t let your yesterdays
Rob your tomorrows
Don’t let your hurt and shame
Fill your heart with sorrow
And rejoice for the kingdom of heaven is near
Rejoice take heart and have no fear

Chorus 2
Don’t let your yesterdays
Rob your tomorrows
Have faith walk through the flame
It’ll heal your heart’s sorrow
And rejoice for the kingdom of heaven is near
Rejoice take heart and have no fear 

Verse 3
When I think of all I’ve done
And how my steps now they follow the Son
Now my one desire is to walk with You 

Verse 4
Now I know that You’re around
As I walk on these empty grounds
So I sing to God alone
Cause He heals my soul 


Verse 1 
When I depart in heavenly peace
Where all my pain will cease
When I see You face to face
Lord I pray You’ll say

Well done well done
Well done well done
Well done good faithful son 

Verse 2
Soon I will stand at Your throne of grace
Where all my sin’s revealed
Christ will stand on judgement day
Because of His blood He’ll say 

Verse 3
Until earthly shadows scatter
And faith is changed to sight
I will see the glorious Son
I will stand in light
And You’ll say…