Verse 1
All things work together for my good
Cause You gave Your Son to a dying world
Now I lay my life before Your throne 

Verse 2 
You gave Your Son for all to see
Your grace on the cross You set me free
Now I lay my life before Your throne of grace 

Holy Holy are You God
The heavens and earth proclaim
Worthy Worthy are You God

Holy Holy are You God
My righteousness from Your shame
Worthy Worthy are You God 

Verse 3
You gave Your life for all to see
Your grace on the cross You set me free
ow I lay my life before Your throne of grace 


Verse 1
You are my righteousness and peace
You bring justice to the weak
You are good

Slow to anger quick to love
Full of mercy and Your grace that covers us
He is good 

Pre Chorus
As high as the heavens are above the earth
So great is Your love for us 

Praise the Lord O my soul
Let everything within me praise the Lord
O my soul 

Verse 2
We are forgiven we’re redeemed
Through Your Son our holy king
You are good

Our God is merciful and just
Through the cross
He showed the world unfailing love
He is good 


Verse 1
To the sighing helpless and dying
To the dwellings of God’s poor
Morning’s breaking
Darkness’ shaking
And sons of god restored 

Pre Chorus
Listen to the crying of Your own
Savior guide us to bring them home 

Where they need us
Father lead us to
A place where we can stand
In a world gone wrong
We will sing Your song
And be Your loving hands 

Verse 2
From endless pain to hurt and shame
The sufferings of God’s own
Tears of joy will stream
And Your light will beam
o heal the darkest storms 


Verse 1 
Dear Father I feel all alone
Dear Father I know You’re in control
When I stand in here in the middle of this storm
Dear Father I know You’re on Your throne
And You say...

Chorus 1
“I know the plans I have for you and your soul…
You know my thoughts and plans
Are bigger than your own…” 

Verse 2
Dear Father when I walk astray
Dear Father even then You light my way
Sometimes I don’t know where to go
Dear Father there’s one thing that I know
Is that You say...

Chorus 2
“Fear not for I have saved I’ve called you my own…
When You walk through the storm
You’ll never be alone…”
You say…

“All the stars in the sky I hold in My hands
I feed the birds that fly everywhere on My land…” 

Dear Father I don’t feel alone 


Verse 1
I have come undone
In Your glory tonight
For Your love never fails
On the cross You have
Broken my chains with Your blood 

Pre Chorus
How can it be
That You would die for me 

Behind the veil
Behind the veil is where I stand
Holding Your hands
Those three nails
Made a way for my soul
Behind the veil 

Verse 2
I am falling apart in Your mercy tonight
For Your love never fails me
On the cross You have broken my chains
With Your blood 

On the cross You bled for me
On the cross You cried for me
On the cross You died for me
nd rose again now You’re smiling over me 


Verse 1
If you’re wandering far away
Do not risk another day
If you’re running and hiding your face
Turn around and receive His grace
And declare the works of His hands
Declare the works of His hands 

For You reign over all the earth
For You reign You reign
Let Your kingdom come
And Your will be done
For You reign 

Verse 2
To make You famous in this world
We must see the world through Your eyes
For Your beauty is all around
We break down the walls we stand our ground
And declare the works of Your hands
e declare the works of Your hands 


Verse 1
From when time began You were near
And as oceans roar You steer
As the tide rushes in You are strong
Through the highs and lows I’ll sing this song
Cause You carry me 

Though I’m weak and poor
You carry me
Now my life restored
Cause You carry me
And I want to be next to You
For all my days carry me through 

Verse 2
Though the path is faint You light my way
The promise of Your love is here to stay
Cause You carry me 


Verse 1 
How do I go back to yesterday
When all we had was love
It wasn't long ago
When the fire burned in my heart 

Ignite the fire that once burned deep within
Restore my soul so I can live again
You are the light that this heart is racing for

Verse 2
God You saved my soul
Many years ago Even when I did not know
No words can express
The joy inside of my heart