Verse 1
Moving through the troubled sounds
Seeking to destroy all the grounds
Wishing that her love was blind
As she fights endless battles in your mind

She has a smile that takes my breath away
But where will she be on judgment day
She promises her love is here to stay
Just to get me to walk astray 

Verse 2 
Like her mother she births pain
Driving you driving you insane
Like her father she births pain
Living a life of darkness in disguise 


Verse 1
To bring peace to a dying world
We must live a life of love
To make his grace and mercy heard
We must shout it without words 

Pre Chorus
Love is how we serve
It’s what the world deserves
What the world deserves 

We are living letters
That the world is reading
We are painted pictures

That the world is seeing 

Verse 2
This love starts with one voice
Reaching out to all
This love is not a choice
It’s our purpose and our call


Verse 1
To the sighing helpless and dying
To the dwellings of God’s poor
Morning’s breaking
Darkness’ shaking
And sons of god restored 

Pre Chorus
Listen to the crying of Your own
Savior guide us to bring them home 

Where they need us
Father lead us to
A place where we can stand
In a world gone wrong
We will sing Your song
And be Your loving hands 

Verse 2
From endless pain to hurt and shame
The sufferings of God’s own
Tears of joy will stream
And Your light will beam
To heal the darkest storms 


Verse 1
When I look up at the sky
I cannot help but wonder why
When I think back of all the years
You brought me joy and caused my tears

Yet I wait for you here
Yet I wait for you here 

Verse 2
When I think of my mistakes
I laugh and cry my heart breaks
When I lay through the night
You’re all I see
You’re only inside
Yet I wait for you here 


Verse 1
There’s joy overflowing
A love that’s always growing
From a Father who’s all knowing
He holds my soul
He holds my soul

When all else fades away
You are the one my heart will praise
When darkness turns to light
You are the one that’s by my side 

Verse 2
There’s grace never ending
And broken hearts are mending
From a Father who is sending
His love His love 

Verse 3
There’s joy overflowing
A love that’s always growing
That holds my soul
That holds my soul 


Verse 1
It was a Spring day in New York City
Where a young boy lost in self pity
Took his own breath away
Took his own breath away 

Verse 2
On the computer screen I read
About James and the blood he shed
Through his sorrow and pain
I tried not to take the blame 

I tried to lift you up
James I tried to lift you up
And the Lord knows
The Lord knows I tried 

Verse 3
When I saw the screen I knew
That your time came and flew
It flew away It flew away 

Verse 4
James I wish you didn't run or flee
Cause now you’re out of the family tree
And I wonder just what you’d be
What you'd be today
What you'd be today


Verse 1
I keep on falling down the same hole and
I keep on walking far from my soul and I
I need to talk to you friend
I need to talk to you again

Cause my life is in the wrong
I want to make it right
So I’m singing you this song
With all I am inside right here tonight

Verse 2
I keep on walking far from my soul
And I’m running farther from my purpose and my goal
And I need to talk to you friend
need to talk to you again


Verse 1
Gone is yesterday
Grace washes away
When I’ve gone astray
Your perfect love displayed 

Verse 2
Moving forward in all my days
Not planning to stay
In my foolish ways
Black or white not grey 


Verse 1
When I walk around the world
I see opportunity to see people on the streets
Living just like you and me

Verse 2
To remember what is real
While living in the make belief
Bringing joy for all to see while living with integrity

Cruising aimlessly searching for a chance to see
All that you would have for me
Like a bubble in the sky I want to pass you by
We will have a real good time

When I walk this lonely road
Searching for my home
As I sing through the empty streets
The volumes of my heart speak
And they ask me where I go
I say I do not know
But one thing I know for sure
I’m searching for my soul
Searching for my soul


Verse 1
I will sing you a song of that beautiful land
Far away the home of my soul
Where no storms every beat on the glittering strands
While the years of eternity roll

Oh my soul
Oh my soul
Oh my soul
The home of my soul

Verse 2
Oh the home of my soul in my visions and dreams
It’s bright jasper walls is all I see
Till I fancy but thinly the veil intervenes
Between the fair city and me

Verse 3
This unchangeable home is for you and for me
Where the God of all the world stands
The King of all Kingdoms and
Lord of all Lords holds my soul in His hands

Verse 4
How sweet it will be in that beautiful land
Free from our sorrows and pain
With songs on our lips
And with harps in our hands
ith all our eternity gained


Verse 1
Another year has passed me by
Speeding through and I’ve enjoyed the ride
Now my one desire is to be like You 

Verse 2
When I think of how I run
Towards Your light my chains have come undone
And after I walk through the fire
I’ll be more like You 

Don’t let your yesterdays
Rob your tomorrows
Don’t let your hurt and shame
Fill your heart with sorrow
And rejoice for the kingdom of heaven is near
Rejoice take heart and have no fear

Chorus 2
Don’t let your yesterdays
Rob your tomorrows
Have faith walk through the flame
It’ll heal your heart’s sorrow
And rejoice for the kingdom of heaven is near
Rejoice take heart and have no fear 

Verse 3
When I think of all I’ve done
And how my steps now they follow the Son
Now my one desire is to walk with You 

Verse 4
Now I know that You’re around
As I walk on these empty grounds
o I sing to God alone
Cause He heals my soul