Verse 1
You are alive and You live in us
We are free We’re victorious
By Your blood we have been redeemed
On the cross You bought our liberty 

Pre Chorus
Because of Your great love You made a way
You lived You died then rose up from the grave

So we join with shouts of praise
To lift Your holy name
Your grace and mercy have redeemed
We join our hearts as one
To glorify the Son
Whose grace and mercy have redeemed
We are redeemed 

Verse 2
We were ransomed by Your sacrifice
For the world You were crucified 

You gave Yourself to save
Your love has made a way
Oh what a sacrifice that You would die
To give us life forever
He whom the Son sets free
Is surely free indeed
We’re in Your presence God forever 


Verse 1
When peace is rushing in
And like a river flows
I look to You again
You are the anchor for my soul

On the mountain high
Lord You reveal to me
You’re always by my side
You’re all that I will ever need 

Pre Chorus
Every season You are constant Lord
You are sovereign You are in control 

My Rock and my Defense
My Father and my Friend
My God my God You are faithful 

My hope and all my trust
Are hidden in Your love
My God my God You have always been faithful 

Verse 2
When I am overwhelmed
And I am at my end
You are an endless well
So I draw from You again 

Your my future Lord
Why should I ever fear
Your grace abounds more
When I am covered in my tears 

In every step
In every breath
You are faithful
You are faithful 


Verse 1
When my eyes cannot see
I will trust You in the valley
I won’t fear anything
For Your presence
It surrounds me 

Pre Chorus
Cause You are the one who lifts me up
When I am weak You are strong
You’re faithful
You’re faithful 

You are the one who brings me hope
Your love will never let me go
You’re faithful
You’re faithful 

In the darkest hour
In the middle of the raging sea
When I’m in the battle
Lord You are with me 

Your light is shining
You make the darkness flee
You are my rescue
Lord You are with me 

Verse 2
In the desert in the flood
Lord Your promise is enough for me
You are gracious You are good
Never failing God Your love endures 


Verse 1
Everything I am
And everything I have is Yours
Not one thing do I
Want more in this life
My heart is Yours 

Pre Chorus
God Your love is a river never ending
Your love is amazing to me
Your love is all I’ll ever need
I’ll ever need 

You are good to me
Overwhelming kindness
You’re so good to me
A fountain of forgiveness
You reached down and picked me up
You set my feet upon the rock O God
You’re good to me 

Verse 2
The only thing I ask
This alone I seek to be with You
One day inside Your courts
Is better than a thousand in this world 

Pre Chorus 2
God Your love is an overflowing ocean
Your love Your love 

O God my Savior
Your love is greater
Lord God Almighty
To You be the glory 

Your ways are higher
You’re my desire
Lord God Almighty
I live for Your glory 


Verse 1
He endured all our shame
To restore and heal us
Savior King He took the blame
On Calvary to free us

Pre Chorus
So here we stand
Here we stand in victory
By His blood
By His blood we have been redeemed 

Glory to His name
Glory to His name
Glory to the one true God who saves

High and lifted up
Above all other names
Glory to the one true God who saves 

Verse 2
When we see His glorious face
Christ will be exalted
As we join in the angels song
We will sing for eternity 


Verse 1
You are the Shepherd
Who will never leave His sheep
You are the Lion
Who devours enemies 

Verse 2
You are a river
When we’re in the desert place
You have delivered
God Your love is full of grace 

Pre Chorus
We have been set free
In You we are redeemed
Our hope is in You
Revive us Lord
Revive us Lord 

We live we live
To give You all the glory
We live we live
To shout Your praise all over the earth 

Verse 3
You are the Warrior
Who fights for broken souls
You are the Father
Who brings His children home 

You lived You died You rose on high
To save us all when we were lost
Your Kingdom come Your will be done
Across the earth and in our hearts 


Verse 1
You are my Provider
The One who brings me peace
Even in the fire
Your love will comfort me 

Pre Chorus
You are You were and You will always be
The One true God the Lord of everything 

It is only in Your name
That we are saved 

Verse 2
You are my Defender
Whenever I am weak
When I’m in the battle
You are my victory 

Bridge 1
Yahweh Yahweh Yahweh
It’s only in Your Name
Yahweh Yahweh 

Bridge 2
Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the power
Yours is the glory forever and ever